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Derby childrens entertainer, Stuart Brown, is the East Midlands premier, award winning childrens full party entertainer and full time childrens party organiser. Along, with his own unique style and fun packed entertainment packages, he will ensure that your child's Birthday Party or Event will be a huge success. Based in Derby, Stuart covers the whole of the Midlands area and knows how to put the fun and laughter into any event from start to finish. If you are looking for a unique childrens party entertainer that offers non-stop fun for children of all ages then here you are.  Stuart can cover all your party entertainment needs, no matter what they are. Depending on which party or event package you decide to have, you will get:

childrens entertainer magician

Magic Show

The magic show features a live rabbit called Snowy. This is ideal for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Summer Fairs, Schools, Carnivals or any type of event where there will be children. If it is for a Birthday Party then the Birthday boy or girl will be actively involved in the magic show. It is their very special day and they will be made the star of the party, helping to make Snowy magically appear at the end of the show. Childrens party entertainment is not complete without a fun filled magic show that includes a live magic rabbit.

Snowy the magic rabbit

Live Magic Rabbit

Here he is, a live magic rabbit called "Snowy" who will be in the magic show. No matter what the event, he will be there, even at weddings. Snowy is very, very tame and the children will get a chance to meet him and have their picture taken with him at the end of the party or event so don't forget your camera to take a photo of Snowy with your son or daughter. He is also brought along to shows for schools and is perfectly happy with indoor or outdoor events.

Balloon animals modelling

Balloon Modelling

The art of balloon modelling is great fun for any type of event such as a Birthday Party. They are also ideal for a mix and mingle type of event such as Garden Parties, Weddings, Summer Fairs etc. Unlike some entertainers, the balloons we use are 100% bio-degradable so they won't harm the environment. Bring your party or event to life with some balloon modelling.

Party dancing kids

Party Music

The party music is supplied for your party or event which is guaranteed to get the children in a great party mood. These are popular tunes and feature up to date music that all children love plus some good old classics. We use a professional, modern PA system that is capable of filling a small room to a large hall without it being too loud for the little ones.

pass the parcel game

Party Games and Prizes

A party is not complete without party games and Magic Stuart provides everything that is required with his own unique party games that also include some old favourites. There are no elimination type games used so everyone takes part and all the prizes and lots of giveaways are included too at no extra cost. The prizes are quality items and no sweets, lollipops or similar are used as prizes or in any party bags that we supply.

childrens entertainer bubble machine

Bubble Machine

Children love bubbles no matter what their age and a high quality bubble machine is provided no matter which party option is requested. The bubbles, along with the fun party music help to make the party extra special. Sometimes, due to the type of floor at a venue, it may mean that for safety reasons the bubble machine may not be able to be used. If in doubt, please ask.

FREE Party Invites

One of the things you will need for a party is some party invites. Instead of buying these from the shop only to have loads over, we can provide some for you. These are FREE and you simply print off as many as you require and use to save you time and money. Simply go to the FREE stuff page where you will locate these and print off whatever you need.

Party Bags

Party Bags

We can supply party bags for your child's Birthday Party or event. The contents are suitable for children of 3 years and upwards so why not let Magic Stuart take care of these for you so that you don't have loads of items over. These are great valie as you only pay for the ones required on the day and return those left over and so there is no waste or needless extra expense. Full details of what goes inside can be found on the party bags page.

FREE Colouring Sheet

No matter what type of event you are holding we can also provide you with a FREE colouring sheet for the children that can be printed off beforehand and they colour in and bring along to the party or event. Alternatively, you can print these off and put them on the party table where each child colours them in while they are eating their party food. If you intend to do either of these options then simply let us know and we will provide some prizes at no extra cost. These can be found on the FREE stuff page.

Bring your childs Birthday Party entertainment alive with a party entertainer that knows from experience what makes for a fun packed time. If you would like to know more about Derby Childrens Party Entertainer Stuart Brown and his party packages just have a browse through this website. Your son or daughter is only young once and so make their party special that evryone can enjoy from the younsters to their parents. Get in touch today.

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Whatever you decide we hope that you find the information on our website useful and informative and wish you all the very best with your party, wedding or event.

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