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The most popular entertainment package is for a Birthday Party.  A childrens party entertainer is a must for a child's party and is very cost effective compared to the many other party options around.

With Magic Stuart as the childrens entertainer and party organiser your son or daughter is able to have a great party that includes a magic show featuring Snowy a live magic rabbit that your son / daughter helps to make appear in the show, party music, balloon animals, bubble machine, party games, prizes, giveaways, stickers and lots more.

Magic is suitable for children of all ages as it is visual and lots of fun for the children at Birthday Parties. They love to see things happen and will join in excitedly.

With many years of experience, Magic Stuart can provide the ideal magic and entertainment show for your child's party.

A Birthday Party is your child's special day. You want the attention being on them rather than on time frames. Warehouse type packages have immoveable time constraints. They are usually not run in a way that makes your child feel special.

Booking Magic Stuart as your childrens entertainer guarantees your child will be treated as the most important person at the party, after all it is their special day.

Your child's Birthday Party will be the highlight of their year so you want everything to be perfect and so hire an entertainer and party organiser that the children will enjoy, that will not let you down and will be good value for money.
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A childrens entertainer at your wedding to keep the little ones occupied is a great idea to make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly.

     Wedding days can seem a very long time for young children with nothing to do to keep them occupied.  Usually there is not the facility at the hotels and function venues to keep the little ones entertained.

  Magic Stuart totally understands how much time planning a wedding can take, so let him keep the little ones entertained on your big day.There is more to keeping the children entertained than just playing some music and flashy lights.

     Whilst humorous speeches, enchanting food and gorgeous table decorations are sure to make an impression and delight the mainstream of your guests, they will have modest impact on anyone of a young age. Unfortunately, for the children, the wedding reception can be tiresome. Children who aren't being kept entertained are likely to become restless and bother their parents. All of a sudden, neither the children nor their parents are having an enjoyable time and that's certainly not what you want.  You need something to keep the children occupied and stop them turning the flower display into a jungle or the dance floor into a skating rink.

  Magic Stuart includes Games and Prizes, Magic Show, Live rabbit, Bubble machine, Balloon Animals, Fun and Laughter. The ideal solution for kids party entertainment and to keeping the children fully entertained and amazed at the wedding event.
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A childrens entertainer for schools is a great way to add fun and excitement to any type of school fun day or special occasion.
Magic Stuart visits a large number of schools every year and with his magic show that features a live rabbit he is always in demand.

Apart from a magic show we can offer schools mix and mingle balloon modelling which is a super add on idea for summer fairs or where a magic show would not be required.

Magic Stuart will bring a super fun magic show to your school that will have the children laughing and smiling watching the antics of Stuart and his magic show.

The magic show is suitable for children of all ages and Stuart will ensure that it is changed about to suit the age group of the children.

The children will come away having had a fun and enjoyable time at the magic show.

No magic show is complete without a rabbit and Stuart produces one in the magic show that all the children will love.  The rabbit's name is Snowy and he loves children and children love Snowy.

Stuart has full public liability and is DBS checked.

Please take a look at our party and event prices page to see what we can offer for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Schools, fairs and events.
children mix mingle entertainment balloon modelling Derby

Mix and Mingle

A popular form of entertainment for a variety of events is mix and mingle.

This can be mix and mingle magic or the more popular mix and mingle balloon modelling which is ideal for children of all ages.

Maybe your event is not suitable for a magic show ?  This is where Magic Stuart comes in with his varied assortment of balloon models that he will make for the children and often, the adults too.

Mix and mingle balloon modelling is ideal for schools or even Birthday Parties where you may have booked a bouncy castle, or a face painter and just need something else that won't cost the earth but that is different to the norm and this is it.

Throughout the year Magic Stuart does balloon modelling at wedding events for the children in between events.  This type of family entertainment will keep the little ones, and the older ones, entertained for hours on end.

The balloon modelling mix and mingle is priced at per hour so it is completely flexible that it can easily fit in with what your requirements are on your special day.

Give Stuart a call or use the enquiry form to ensure that he has availability for your wedding or special event.

have something different and have a mix and mingle balloon modeller.
Balloon modelling workshop Derbyshire Nottingham

Balloon Modelling Workshop

Are you looking for an activity that is both fun, educational and enjoyable for your party, club, society or event ?  Then look no further than one of these workshop type of events.

Learning how to make balloon animals is great entertainment for both children and adults alike.  It is always good for a laugh and can help to "break the ice" at many functions.

  A balloon modelling workshop is a great addition to any children's Birthday Party, event or special occasion such as an out of school club or activity centre where everyone can have a go at making their own balloon models  Learn the art of balloon modelling with the Midlands leading Childrens Entertainer - Stuart Brown.

   This fun workshop will introduce children and adults to basic balloon modelling techniques while creating some wonderful balloon sculptures to take home.  Learn to create lots of different items from balloon dogs to fancy hats. Fun and laughter for all ages.
   There are many reasons why you might want to book a balloon modelling workshop for your club or event:

   You don't need a large amount of space and It's suitable for children of all ages and adults too with everyone wanting to have a go.

   It's both challenging and enjoyable where everyone ends up with something that they have made themselves to take home

   Children really do love learning a new skill and the challenges that go with it and balloon modelling is no exception.
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Circus Skills Workshop

Have you ever wanted to have a go at plate spinning but thought that the idea of using your own pot plates might prove to be a bit expensive. Well now you can have a go with our super duper plastic spinning plates that we bring along to the circus skills workshops.

Children and adults of all ages love the circus and this is a chance for them to have a go at some circus themed skills. The children can have a go on wooden stilts, juggling and plate spinning. For children in particular these activities are designed to help with hand and eye co-ordination and encourage children to try out new things.

  The workshops can also be incorporated into events such as fun days, carnivals or summer fairs. If you have that special day in the future and you are looking for something that is just a bit different then why not get in touch.

For childrens party entertainment, workshops are fun and educational too, allowing children of all ages to learn new skills, build confidence and participate in a relaxed environment. They can be organised to suit any age or occasion.  They help develop teamwork, co-operation, confidence and concentration. Workshops also help boost self esteem.

     We offer an exciting range of fun and practical workshops for a large variety of events including Birthday Parties, Schools, Fun days, Celebrations, Carnivals, Fairs, Corporate events ,Youth Clubs, Guides and Scouts.

Please use the enquiry form for further details.
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